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Long before European explorers reached the shores of the “New World,” advanced and complex civilizations made their home in the mountains and jungles of Guatemala. Through internecine warfare, imported diseases and military conquest, these once great civilizations became little more than tattered memories of what they had once been. Colonial exploitation, civil wars and dictatorial corruption have created a country where trust must be earned and where the practice of religion is often just a façade with little life changing substance.

What is needed is the complete renewal of the people and society made possible through a relationship with Jesus. Words alone, after centuries of lies, corruption, violence and mistrust, will generally be insufficient as motivators to change. What is needed is the visible, physical presence of followers of Jesus who show with their lives what is in their hearts.

TEAM in Guatemala serves the people by helping train leaders via the Guatemalan-run SETECA Seminary where students are mentored into becoming compassionate, caring leaders. We have also helped plant a church, Iglesia Reforma, in 2015 in collaboration with Guatemalan leaders to grow the people of Guatemala in faith and trust in the true, full-bodied gospel. The ministries that are growing from these places are diverse and very new. Together, we are exploring what it means to help under-resourced communities thrive on their own in the long run, to collaborate in urban missions, to build missional community in a culture of mistrust, and to bring helpful and preventative health care to the poor and homeless.

Purpose Statement

TEAM in Guatemala exists to mobilize the community of Christ to proclaim and embody the Kingdom of God.

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TEAM missions coaches are available to answer your questions about becoming a missionary and help you find a place to serve.

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